Video Game Fest (VGF) in INDIA – 33 000++ attendees


VGF, the event known as VIDEO GAME FEST, is a series of gaming event held in Bangalore (2014 & 2015) and Pune (2016). It is organized by the Kalari Digital Sports Pvt Ltd across pan INDIA every year since 2014. VGF is growing rapidly and experts over 15 000 attendees for upcoming event @ Delhi, INDIA.

While many things can be said about the fest, like the fact that it grew steadily since its launch, that the event brought in close to 1000’s of buyers, developers, sellers and enthusiasts on an average from different parts of the world to connect with the best in the gaming industry. More than gaming being just a competition we have made it a galore for networking and showcasing various and technologically developed innovations.

The first edition was attended by 9 500 + people in Bengalore and the second edition was attended by 18 000 + people. As we said VGF is growing rapidly, the given figures are the examples of it. Dumadu games hosted first edition of the Video Game Fest in association with Microsoft then second edition was with G2A , government of Karnatake (KBITS) , VMAX ; third edition with Ubisoft in Pune.

The event features more than 50+ Games including DOTA 2, Call of Duty (Advanced warfare), FIFA, Mortal kombat , CS:GO, Asura, Monster Truck unleashed and the list goes on…. Over 300+ participating developers and gaming technology companies exchanged ideas & showcased under one roof.

Some of them included (Partners & Sponsors)

Game Developers

Media Partners


We are thrilled to announce a bigger and better event in Delhi with more focus on latest technology exposure in Virtual and Augmented Reality world. VGF Delhi includes VR showcase, Mobile showcase, Sponsors showcase, Console gaming, Mobile gaming, Indie game showcase, Cosplay and Merchandise.

To make room for the incoming stream of game developers, gamers, general attendees, etc.., interacting with the gaming community, a new event was coming to Delhi: Video Game Fest DELHI. As the event “VGF Delhi is about introducing VR and AR to Indian audience, also a place to share knowledge, network building, debate and learn.”

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